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In a career that spans over twenty years, Tom Craig has worked with a variety of writers, producers and directors from newly emerging talent to some of the world's most significant industry figures. In addition, he has delivered lectures, seminars and workshops at leading educational establishments across Europe. Featured below is a small selection of testimonials from those that have worked with him over the years (click images for further details).


“Tom Craig has a keen eye for script writing and an encyclopaedic knowledge of film... His screenplay for Cold Mile House strikes a clever balance between what is cinematically horrific, and what is recognisably human and believable.”


Robin Hardy, Director of legendary film The Wicker Man (1973) and The Wicker Tree (2011)

Click HERE to view the trailer for The Wicker Tree


"Tom has been my Film Consultant, a mentor and a friend for two years now! His insights in the industry are deep, and knows what works and what does not! He is diplomatic when it comes to consulting but finds good ways how to pass his message through! He is passionate in his works and puts a lot of effort to make things work for you!"


Patrick Vella, Director, Producer, TV and Film Actor, and Workshop Facilitator

Click HERE to view the trailer for The Artist

“I have had the pleasure, and honour, of meeting Tom at the right time… That is, when my company started plans to produce a stop motion series and a feature film. Tom is extremely efficient, friendly and understanding. I am especially thankful for his guidance in helping me put thoughts into words into sentences into treatments into scripts. I highly recommend Tom and look forward to working with him again in the near future!”

Ruth Frendo, Producer at Pro.Motion Limited

Click HERE to view the Teddyland book series promo

"Tom possesses an excellent, contemporary knowledge of film and television and the pedagogy that surrounds this specialist subject. Teaching in a practical and theoretical context, Tom has evidenced a real passion for the subject, holds a student-centred approach to Programme Leadership and has demonstrated very effective course management skills. Tom has been nominated for Lecturer of the Year on multiple occasions."

Chas Andrews-Roberts, Head of Subject, University of Derby

Tom Craig is currently the highest rated Lecturer at the University of Derby as well as being amongst the top ten Film academics in the United Kingdom (click logo for full feedback)

"My two greatest pleasures this year were invitations to give a talk to Tom’s third year students, and subsequently to view their work and award the prize for the Best Film of the year. I can honestly say that this was the most imaginative, technically competent work I have seen from any film school or film faculty.


It is no surprise that the man who inspired these young people has created the script for Meat the Parents. It is a beautifully written appeal for tolerance and acceptance of 'the other': a call to embrace the unknown, and to suffuse the world with love rather than hatred, and I believe that Tom should be given all help possible to make this film."

Antony Thomas, has written, Directed and Produced forty major documentaries and dramas.  His films have taken the top prizes at numerous documentary festivals, including the US Emmy Award, the George Foster Peabody Award (twice), the British Academy Award and the Grierson Award for Best British Documentary

"I have known Tom for a number of years and have found his insight into the nuances of great film-making to be of genuine value".


Winston Azzopardi, Director of

Latina Pictures Limited

Click HERE for the Latina Pictures showreel

Click HERE for Variety magazine's coverage of Winston's latest feature film The Boat

"Tom has been my mentor and script consultant for my short films. He has been of great help at pinpointing script shortcomings and suggesting clever ways to overcome them. Tom's knowledge and experience helps directors and screen writers to better scripts prior to production thus saving lots of hassle and money whilst making an effort to understand the director's vision prior to changes."


Shirley Spiteri, Co-founder of Motion Blur Media Production House

Click HERE to view the multi-award winning short film Friend or Foe

"Tom Craig is a superlatively gifted academic and leader."


Professor Jason Lee, Head of Leicester Media School, De Montfort University

“I have known Thomas Craig for a little over a year now through a script consultancy structure implemented by our National Film Fund Organisation, the Malta Film Commission. From day one of our introduction I was immediately impressed by Tom's professional insight and knowledge but most of all by his courteous and reliable nature that immediately puts you at ease.


Tom's hard work, experience and wisdom in the scriptwriting field was instrumental for my project to get the green light in the prestigious Film London initiative last year. An initiative that propelled my project towards funding and production.


Also, I have seen Tom work first hand as a mentor to upcoming talent and his friendly hands-on approach go a long way in helping budding scriptwriters and film makers take the plunge and get their project done. From theory to practice.


As a script consultant and mentor, I cannot recommend Tom enough. He is one of those rare breeds that not only bring their technical expertise to the table but also a human and kind approach which is invaluable in this business.”


Mark Doneo, Writer, Director, Actor and Producer at Mad Movies Productions Limited

Click HERE to view the trailer for feature film The Weeping House of Qala

"I have worked with Tom developing two feature length screenplays to date and found his input to be intelligent and crucial in order to move both projects forward successfully. His knowledge of character and narrative structure is astounding and his advice throughout the

development process offered many creative solutions to problematic areas, yet always worked towards keeping the overall vision of my story intact. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom to both new and established artists looking for a second to none development, consultancy or mentoring service."

Dave Cave, Co-Founder of One For All Productions

Click HERE to view the trailer for Girl And A Scar; Official Selection at over twenty International Film Festivals

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